For Employers

Employees constantly need their employment and salary information verified, whether it be for an application for credit, a new job or social services. Unfortunately, fulfilling employment and salary verifications is an unpredictable, unquantifiable, and time-consuming task for your HR or Payroll Departments.

By using EmployCheck, you will now about to provide a service to employees that allows their verifiers to retrieve employment and salary history instantly without the internal burden for your staff.

How it works

Once you have signed up and provided us with access to the verification information, you will receive a company code that identifies your organization to verifiers all across the United States. Any employee needing verification simply provides that code to a verifier. Verifiers then access this website or call the EmployCheck-- and not interrupt your work--to get the information.

If salary history is required, your employee can set up an account with EmployCheck and personally authorize the transfer of information by creating a Salary Key, and then providing this key to the verifier.

EmployCheck is:
  • Accessible - available online 24 hours a day

  • Accurate - information comes from your company records

  • Cost-effective - eliminates repetitive, low-payback workload for the responsible department

  • Fast - information is available in minutes to support the needs of your current and former employees

  • Secure - both employers and verifiers must be registered, and employees must personally authorize the delivery of salary information

To explore the benefits for your employees and your organization, call us at
888-279-4504, or Email us.