Social Services FAQs

A large and diverse range of social service agencies routinely need to verify employment and salary history for purposes such as determining eligibility for food stamps, Medicaid, welfare-to-work programs. This can involve multiple phone calls to employers to gather the needed information-unless the employer is a member of EmployCheck.

EmployCheck provides rapid and secure employment verification and salary history either by fax or mail. Either way, confidentiality is very carefully protected, and you quickly receive reliable information that you need.

How it works

EmployCheck routinely receives employment and salary information from a large and growing number of employers. This information is in electronic format, so it can be easily accessed when needed, and is delivered either by fax or mail.

The data provided include:

  • Name

  • Job title

  • Dates of employment

  • Current status (active or separated)

  • Salary history covering the last 12 pay periods

There is no charge to social services agencies for providing this information; however, you must be registered with the EmployCheck.

To register, fax a request on your agency's letterhead to 888-705-4605

Please identify and provide contact information including phone number, fax number, address and primary contact's name and title.


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